Do you see-

what's right in front of you?

Or are you only looking?

There's a difference.

Let your mind be

As open as your eyes

And try again.

Is it there-

Because you see?

Or are you looking,

Because it's there?

Closed minds are blind eyes

And you can't see until you stop looking.

I wonder if you see-

See that smiling isn't always happiness

And anger isn't always hate.

Maybe you only look-

At what's on the surface.

The outer and inner may be one,

But they aren't the same.

When you look, do you see?

There's a difference.

Are you truly Seeing?

Or are you just looking at the finer details?

There's a difference.

Do you fool yourself-

To think you are not so blind?

Or is the illusion of an open mind

Really just a sign of a closed one?

Train yourself to see what you look at,

And not just to look at what you see.

There's a difference.


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