Dance in the flowers of springtime like a flower without petals.
I have never heard of such.
Never heard of a flower without petals, a lion without a roar, a tree without bark.
These things are simply unheard of like sacred souls.
They never see these things or the stitches on your heart holding you together, never hear heard of a heart that doesn't love.
Never heard of a tiger without stripes and the pride of them , for what would we know if not these things?
What about Maya Angelou who told us of the caged bird that sings or Langston Hughes who taught us to take our dreams, spread our wings and fly with them!
A flame without heat is not so, it is ignited like the rage flowing through our veins when yet another African American boy is faced down,
on the ground,
with blood of his own flowing out of him.
Never heard is it?
Just like the streets that would scream if they could speak, so would Andy Lopez if wasn't already six feet under just for being 13.
These are the things that are not unheard of, we just never hear them.
I think maybe it is time these things be recognized and not cast aside, so that maybe their is hope for a bright future.
That we might never have to see a world where flowers have no petals and lions no roar.
But finally at peace with no war.
But love.
Do you understand me now?

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