The sickness of Society


Oh look shes a size zero.





It must be nice to be accepted into this society.

Wow, That girls family has the money and the name,





Too bad my family has not name nor money to get me anywhere.

What's it like to be the amazing high ranked one,

to be looked upon like the Christ the Redeemer.

Now I have to have something more,

more than who I am, more than what I believe, just to fit in.

All that society thinks is that to be higher up,

you have to be more than what you are.

I should never have to look down upon my family

simply because they couldnt provide me the money,

or even the last name I needed to be even a little respected.

What a sick thing. Tell me, Tell me please,

is this a horrid dream I live in?

If it is wake me up, wake me up now and get me out.

If that is not the case thats a damn shame,

a shame people think less of themselves because of society.

If this truely is our cruel society they need to relieve the people.

Save the society from the hell they now believe is life.

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