Sick child

This goes out to the sick child.
The one who sits at the corner of the bed and watches their legs swing because they have a better chance of kicking air than life. This is for you the sick child who gets off that bed and steps on a cold floor that's actually warmer than whatever is taking control over them. Sick child go ahead and take a real cocktail this morning indulge in the pain cuz sick child that pain is screaming at you that you are alive today. Its okay to fear cuz that fear is the reason why you're still running away from God the same way you believe he has abandoned you. Its okay to want to keep on living. But There is nothing like the reused smiles from the nurses and your friends because they don't understand that there's no such thing as a bigger picture it's simply another view. Sick child get mad and tell them that no you're not okay forget about their feelings you're trying to get yours out so, so what if they don't have an answer, you weren't looking for one ,you just wanted to talk. A standing ovation for that child who cares more about their mothers breaking heart than for their own because at the end of the day making someone else happy is the only way to feel's fine to go and live life a second at a time and not as a whole we can't live like we're dying because we don't all know what dying feels like but the more time we waste pretending as such ends up becoming g time wasted. So sick child this is for you the one who wakes up every morning knowing they've won because they just conquered the first odd that wasn't in their favor. Sick child just keep swimming you'll make it to the reef someday.

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