I am cursed, cursed to be who I am.

What am I?

Listen and maybe you’ll see.


I am a light shining on your shadow.

I am a wall that you can’t break.

But I am in the background so you just ignore me.

I mean no harm. But you wish I did so you could have an explicable reason for hating me.

I am neither positive nor negative.

I am just…there.

How you wish I were one or the other!

But that is not what I am.

I am SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!

I am (silence...)

How you wish I were just idle chatter!

But that is not what I am.

I am thought…yet you don’t want to hear a conclusion.

That is not what I am

To you.

You see the tears I’ve cried.

But that is not what I am.

I can’t control what is uncontrollable.

That is not what I am.

I am serenity in the brokenness. But you’re reaching for the knife again

To take a stab at being infectious.

That is what you are.

My heart is in my palm but you would rather I bleed.

I am a note in a song you heard on the radio.

I am a crushed bean in the coffee you sip.

I am a handrail you hold in the terminals you walk through

Every now and then

I tease your senses once

Yet no more.

Because I am dead

To you.

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