The sh*t you can't say to your teachers


The sh*t you can't say to your teachers...

Is the sh*t that you say in the bleachers.

It has nothing to do with the teacher's lesson

So pay attention when class is in session.

They don't care about the game today or the opposing team,

They just try to do their job and make some green.

And when homework is due, you better turn it in.

Excuses, excuses where do I begin?

The dog didn't eat your homework if you don't know the assignment,

And vacation doesn't work, if she says: "that's exactly where I went".

Don't fake your aunt's death because that's just foul.

She'll be asking who, who, sounding like an owl.

And if she sends home a letter, pray your parents don't read it,

And if you pray in school, pray that nobody sees it.

And when it comes to class, never say your  bored,

Even if the lesson made you snore.

And if class is over don't shout: "praise the Lord."

Because the school board, for sure,

Would feel a certain way,

Because this is not the place for faith.

But it's not their fault or flaw,

They just follow the law.

They can't say much about God,

Because to some people it's odd.

And being a minority makes things no better,

With the slightest mistake they tell you: "get it together."

When it comes to your history, you learn about a heinous institution,

There was nothing "American" about your revolution.

But this is not my exclamation,

So let me get to the point.

Respect is crucial to authority,

So honor their seniority.

Don't make jokes of their class or play on their words,

It may seem funny but it's really absurd.

Don't ask to use the bathroom 24/7,

Give them your undivided attention.

Education is a blessing.

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