Sh*t You Can't say to your Teacher (Andrea Calderon)


Staring at me, Glaring at me...

Is there any thing you need to say to me?

Should I sit up straight and give you my undivided attention?

Should I raise my hand and wait for you to call on me?

I complete all assignments and I'm only good enough for a C?

Studying away giving up all my free time.

Writting essays after essays.

I'm sick of the who what when and where.

Can I just sit in class and drool away?

What does the Great Depression have to do with me?

And Please explain to me what person will ask me to find the squareroot of 65 on the street?

All these so called skills and logic thinking wer'e doing really drives me insane.

I guess you can say, I might not be going out of my way to make a change

I pick this pencil up and draw and write away

I put my heart on this paper and you reward me with a "satisfactory grade"Why is it you teachers seem to assign all these assignments just for 20 points?

Is my sleep really worth an A+?

So much to say but so little time to think away

You can judge my intelligence and I won't say a word because my college experience is in your hands

Time drifts away so slowly while in your class,Feet tapping, Pencils scribbling, Boring facial expressions

Do you not understand we don't get any thing your'e saying?

I picture myself on a sunny beach, No worries

I soon realize I'm in this dark hole, where the teacher is in command.

Dusty books and tables with gang sighns on em'

No sign of hope all I have is this pencil

This pencil that takes me to a different world

It gets me through your class, through your lectures.

Animals,Amphibians,Australian Crocordile,Atlantic Spadefish!

Oh god, Of god can I please learn about something I trully want to learn?

Although Your lectures may put me to sleep , I still strive to ace your class.




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