Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 08:52 -- nsgrigs


Yo Teach,

I'm here to turn my life around. Feels so good to have my feet on solid ground

The challenge is...I need a near perfect score

So I can get myself through a solid grad school door

I'm having a tough time understanding your lingo

This physics talk has me feelin like a dingo

I can tell you're brilliant and have your material down

But with no physics background- I'm left here with a frown

I think you're too smart to teach us 'normal' kids

It should be obvious when we all fail the quiz

We're asking for help, we're asking for clarity 

For Pete's Sake, man, give us a little charity

When the majority of the class is performing badly

It reflects on the teacher, I report to you sadly

I love you as a human, but as for my Professor?

I'm sorry but on a scale I'd have to rate you lesser



You just explained my physics class perfectly.


I really liked this !


Oh snap, i l-o-v-e your poem. its sooo sassy:)


Yyyyyaaaassss!!!! You go! you betta work, you speaking my langauge!  :)

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