Sh*t you cant say to your teacher


Waking up to the thoughts of kissing razors
but you'll never know more than to demand or
teach what you think is right, how to solve an equation
when all i really need is to solve my dementia
making me feel useless cause I don't know my rationals
but really you don't understand, you're irrational
taking my food away and tossing it in the garbage
that was the only meal I had cause there's none in my fridge
calling me out infront of the class, embarrasing me
I seem dumb cause the pills keep me drowsy
and i ask to use the restroom politely
but you say i need to stay in class, that's why i have that D
what you don't understand is that if it wasn't for my problems at home
getting an A would be my diagnosed syndrome
and maybe if you'd knew this you'd be a little nicer
but I'm not playing the victim for you tonight sir.




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Really deep. I love how you basically talk about how the teacher treats you and i love your responses..  Good job!

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