sh*t We cant say to teachers


Teachers ask you how you are

"im good, and you" we reply.

Thats because  the truth hurts

but if I could say the truth, "im good" 

would not be my answer.

"My fathers a runaway fugitive, my mother has cancer.

Im expected to keep a 3.0 average while battling

the wars going on inside my head, and all around me.

my friends make up rumors, my brothers insult me,

and im lucky if I make it to college in one piece. 

I come home at 8 everyday. clubs and sports

take up too much time

but I do them anyways, because I just wanna

get accepted to a good college and move out.

My mother may be dying, my fathers probrably dead

theres an evil being inside of my head. 

But all that matters to you is if I turned my homework in on time.

You act like you care

but you do it for your paycheck 

you stack those D's amnd F's on our table like its all good.

you think of the grade, not the student.

And while were suffering, you make us believe that our GPA

and test scores define who we are, and our worth.

but it doesnt. 

And we stress and stress over it like its the only thing that matters.

And then the system wonders why there are so many suicides.

in a world where the rick survive and the poor have to be strong 

in order to catch up just a little bit.

So am i good? no, I am not.

But I will keep fighting till I get to the top, 

cause now a days, we dont have a choice. And sometimes 

the education system, mutes out our voice."




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I absolutely love the poem u have created. My father is not a runaway, but he was never "fond" of the poice, and my mother waas never really there. Although, are backgrounds aren't exactly the same, the struggle physically and emotionally was i feel im going through at this moment. Your poem was really great and deffinitely inspired me to write a poem such as this one. Beautiful(:


I want to be one of those teachers where I can help students who feel like this. I hate that our school systems have succumbed to this but I can warrant a few teachers who are not like this. They genuinely care about their students and are golden role models. This poem reflects on those teachers who do not care about the students which is heavily unfortunate :/ I wish we could stand out. It is difficult.

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