Sh*t I'd like to say to my teachers


Disabled by your homework

Surrounded by students that twerk

I am more than mentally distressed and hurt.

I'm headed toward the state of being mentally incapable of existing in reality.

And when I graduate, i'll be sure to head into an institution,

One not for work, but for the insane.

So please, be nice,

And the next time before you assign homework, I beg to think twice





Inside the classroom everyday

We sit in isolation

These stupid desks are way too small

It causes us frustration


Giving handouts every week

Oh, teachers spare me please

I want work that’s fun and

Also helps me learn with ease


You might not like what you do

But I love my education

All I want is to gain knowledge

And I ask for no consolation


Every single morning

I’m tired as a baby

You scream the same things

“All you kids are loud and lazy”


You’re teaching us for LIFE

You’re supposed to be our advancer

You’re just as lazy as we are

To where you’ll give us the answers


You scream and yell and shout

On how we should try harder

But your effort matches ours

So how about you be the starter


And we aren’t allowed to talk?

I thought communication was the key

You treat us like a bunch of toddlers

With all of these boundaries


I take three steps forward

And you knock me six steps back

The criticism, the mockery

You give me a heart attack


I just want to excel

My success is all I have

I feel as though I travel alone

On this long education path

Need to talk?

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