Show Me My Heart

This life is so hard

This world kills me

God show me my heart

And where it’s supposed to be


You are my hiding place

The refuge from the storm

Every time I look at your face

Your spirit makes me calm


I blindly walk on ice

I trip and fall

But you help me to rise

When you hear me call


You are my healer

the miracle doc

you’re not the sleeper

but work around the clock


When I act stupid

When I mess up

no matter the cause

You clean it up


You provide the way

You are an open door

That will always stay

On my heart’s floor


You hold your arms open

For me to come

Even when I choose to suffer on

After I said I’m done


You show me your love

You fill my heart

Please help me to believe

Nothing can break me apart


This life is so hard

But this world won’t kill me

God you hold my heart

And don’t mind to cleanse me


Every time I fail

Every time I give up

You tear the veil

That sets me apart


And you show me my heart

Where it’s supposed to be

You bring it back to the start

Where you wait to lead me


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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