The Show

The rain hits softly on my dorm room window

Pit Pat Pit Pat

The bright Christmas lights illuminate the white walls

A warm cup of coffee on my nightstand illuminated by the blue screen

My smile illuminates the room along with my ridiculous laughter

My worries can disappear for a moment

Just Once

Un Minuto 

Un Segundo 


I am sucked into the world of comedy shows 

I eat them up by the seasons

One, Two 

Tres, Cuatro 

And Gone


I am lost with no purpose

I've watched all the episodes

Should I cry?

Should I laugh?

I feel like I'm going to die.


Does this mean I use my time for work now?

But how?

Life is cruel, the ending was too soon. 

I need more, just Uno mas por favor.


Eat. Sip. Watch. Repeat

I have purpose I have found a new purpose

I have found a show

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