Shouting Like Two Rancid Elephants

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 09:10 -- I V A N

Dear Charlie,

I have a small confession. Forgive this pouring of my heart.

I cherish Rooftop, where we first met. The moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew you were going to be a wild girlfriend. Recently, I have began to regard you as much more than just a wild girlfriend.

My feelings for you intensified when I saw you working in the moonlight. I was further wowed by your tremendous running skills.

You have eyes like crazy peas and the most ugly tongue I've ever seen. When I look at you, I just want to punch those crazy pea eyes and slap that ugly tongue.

You're so special with your smelly ways. The way you handle your dyed uncle shows great humility and empathy.

I know that to you I'm just a rancid fool but I think we could be happy together, shouting like two rancid elephants.

Please, say you'll be mine Charlie!


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