Shout for a spark.
Not a spark but a catalyst of change.
A step in the right direction.


Shout like a child.
A child that remembers
The bittersweet illusions
Of blissful youth
But is not willing
To let go
Of this reality
Without a fighting chance.


Shout for action.
For emotions are formless without
Thoughts are formless without
Words are formless without
Effort to make our
Dreams solidify in a reality
In which we can coexist.


Shout as a human.
Shout as a citizen of the world.
For I will stand by
The widowed
The beaten
The raped
And forgotten
As a force of light
In a world of
Infinite black.
Fully aware of
The Challenge
The Burden
The Obligation
Of leaving this world
A better place than we found.


So rejoice in humanity.
For in solidarity
We are a spark,
A catalyst of change,
And a step in the right direction.


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