Should i Tell

Dare I tell
Of the casted spell
The one afflicted upon me.

There were no honeyed words
No alluring sense or smell
That robbed thine heart from me

Just your smile, your hearty laughter
Is what motivates my search in the happy ever after.

Yet a shadow still clings to my brow, 
Floods my temple and soaks my shroud
I fear the worse
And it lingers deep. 

If I speak the spell, read the incantation
Will it ruin you or ruin me
Can I expect the pride in my soul to break
Like the shattering of earth 
To which trembles, my heart and soul. 

Will I fail, like every mortal, and destroy us both?
And allow the tainted rivets to seep through cracks of thine cup.

Should I dare tell you 
The secret that I hold.


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