Short-Term Sophrosyne

Viridity in life- I need the caim you give... better than forehead kisses in the evening chill and that beat- beat- beating behind your chest. That etheral caim- beautiful like this is all I need to breathe...safely inhale you all into me- listening to the warmth of your soul lulling my heart to sleep. The promise of a perfection wrapped in ecstacy suspension where dark and light meet at pivotal connection- when nothing and everything means anything- that is all I need. Here, resting in these clouds above my head of broken hearted stemed leaves- transient angel wings flitting and you sitting next to me and we discuss the possibility of more life after this- the next glossy bottles of words drifting out to a sea of Everlasting Knowledge and imperfect necessity...the message on this one says that we are possibly written in the shining stars. Oh! That is All I Need.


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