Shit I Should Say

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 17:51 -- omarM




Shit you can’t say to your teacher?

It should be titled Shit I Should Say

Math teachers working out polynomial equations and over exaggerated problems of how Bill bought twenty-three hundred apples;

I should ask “When are we going to be taught how to pay taxes or spend money wisely?”

I should say that but I would be told it is not a math teacher’s job.

History teachers explaining the partisan link between the War on Terror and the events of September Eleventh 2001;

I should ask “Why are Americans only taught our point of view, should we not see our enemies view as well?”

I should say that but I would be accused of a lack of patriotism.

English teachers lecturing about how the damp, blue curtain represents a character drowning in depression;

I should ask “Could it not be a simple, detailed observation of the environment? How do you even know this is true, have you asked the author?”

I should say that but I would be seen as the personification of how blind Americans are to literary talent.

Science teachers setting up a lab experiment on human evolution;

I should ask “Have you ever witnessed human evolution?”

I should say that but I would be asked what proof I have on my own beliefs.

Administrators roaming the halls on campus defending the well-known, ‘seemingly’ well behaved kid; as another ‘suspicious’ student is given detention for self-expression;

I should ask “Why is a grown adult playing favoritism and having biased opinions toward a minority of any branch?”

I should say that but I would in turn be given detention.



Speak the truth, my friend! I have always wondered why we can't speak the truth, our opinions, and our views in class. We are the next leaders of this world after the so called teachers leave. All of this illustrates pure ignorance and lack of fairness in our education system. It also reveals laziness on the teachers part to explain what they are teaching to students. I like your message! Keep writing on my friend.

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