Ships and Clocks

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 23:08 -- mattyj

The ticking, tocking endless tide

Tells a truth it can’t confide


A truth of ships and clocks at sea

That have a strange mortality


Where hooded figures tick from depths

That no man’s mind could fain posses


As abstract numbers, rigid waves

Betray clocks and ships for days


Where sirens’ whispers bounce of keys

That turn the clocks a few degrees


-A few degrees; an hour lost

-a few degrees; a port forgot


And now where are those clocks and ships

That dance like dotted gambling chips


Across a sea that’s on no earth

But rather circled ‘round times girth


Where ships are ticking through the waves

And clock hands sail through time for days


Oh tell us augur, what is this?

The timely truths in ocean’s mist.


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