Shining Bright & High


Neither sunrise nor moonlit stars will ever be more beautiful than you,

Not even combined will they every be more beautiful than you.

You bring more warmth and to people with one touch than the sun,

And your shine brighter than moonlit stars throughout day and night.


You have brought happiness and joy to my lifef the moment I met you,

You have changed my life for the better on that beautiful day!

There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to you,

I feel like I am in debt to you because of that and I don't mind at all!


By looking into your beautiful eyes, I've realized what my purpose is,

And that's to do everything I can to protect you and to make you very happy,

My determination shines almost as bright as the passion in your eyes!

And I will never give up until i fulfil my life's one true purpose!


You have inspired me to become a better man then I ever was before,

You are what makes me keep on going no matter how hard things are,

You're the shining light full of passion that appears in my darkest hour,

And as long as you're by my side, there's nothing that I can't overcome!


My heart fills with happiness and joy whenever I'm by your side,

I've never had a feeling so powerful and full of warmth in my life before,

And for that, I will gladly give my life to protect you from harm's way.

And it is an honor to die for someone as kind, beautiful, and unique as you!


To me, you are like a goddess because you are fair and kind to other people!

No other person can be compared to you because you're one of a kind,

And you truly are a blessing from heaven to this world that we live in.


You gave my life meaning and from that moment, I was in love with you!


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