Shift the Switch

Who am I? What am I?

No cell nor being can explain me,

I am neither them united or distant.

Centers cross through the random wiki,

While still reaching out for an audience.

Even though provided everything to be lies,

Fools conquer heavens during dynasty.

Anger writes wind to flow on one's face,

Pleasure makes the sound breath in one's ambience.

Wishes for time choose reverse,

Day after day worse mistakes corrupt.

The reasons to come unable to split a smile,

From attempting to recover, heal, revive.

Just a single sliced wound,

Growing repeatedly, rapidly infecting.

I beg to the skies for a revision,

For a difference from hating fate.

Peace is all asked for,

Peace from heartaches, and soul-quakes.

Let me dine with single emotions one last time.

Give back the chance to live,

Give back the chance to sense.

Switch me into new shoes,

Shift actions during the final cleanse.

For all I want tonight is a new life,

A new position to born wisely.

Change me, grant light, hold memories,

Answer, Second Future.



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