Shift the Cog

Shift the cogFinally, my finger touched the cogThat separated me from outside worldWhile in a dank and dark deep fogIn a hole that confirmed that all is weirdThe first sun rays were daggersMy iris cringed and my senses spokeHow long I have been batteredFirmed resolve, I heaved aside the wedge stoneFreedom to see how in chains I have beenObserving but not talking, no protestationFear of armed non state actors in unfettered glee Erosion of blood, the crimson skies, vile manifestationTwo faced Judases in government, everywhereRidding on tribe and religion as fossil fuelForgetting that unchecked fire remains fire anywhereNigeria: Save that blessed name or be remembered as a fool Chuks OrdiSeptember, 8 2022


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My country
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