I'm sitting in this cold hard chair. Wondering where I went wrong. Unable to sit back because I keep feeling the splinters peirce my back. Just knowing my parents are on their way, knowing I won't be able to tell my side of the story; I can't relax! But then I realized, I made a Shift. The girl who is usually quite, keen, observent, could no longer stand around in silence. I felt my muscles move at speeds I never knew I was capable of. Consumed this superman like strength and my eyes zoom in on its target. I shoved that pig off the fallen child, Isolated in my Shift of action. I would tell you who this child is but don't let that concern you, it could have been anyone! This could've been my Mother, my Father, my Sister! Hell! It could have spin your father or your mother, father or sibling; close to you. Just because it didn't happen to you personally doesn't mean you shouldn't give a damn about who this was because guess what? It could've been you. What's I saved a child, I made a shift. The land was consumed in silence. I open my eyes and I realize that time is passing by and I'm still sitting in this cold hard chair. All of my peers call me a hero. But since then my courage has went from the heart of a lion to the size of a mouse. I can hear the pig in the office cry "Assault! Assault! Assault!" but I call it self-defense. Defending someone who was unable to defend themselves. Unaware. Unprepared. On how my future will be affected. Praying that my actions won't be wasted. I created a Shift, but now it's time for a Change.

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My community
My country
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