She's Really Not

You say she's me but I disagree. She's perfect you seeWith all A's and no B's. She's really not me.  She is renownThroughout the school groundsFor her abilities that astound. She's really not sound.  She is flawlessShe's clawlessShe's the opposite of lawlessShe's reallly not solaced.  She's never said profanityNor had vanityShe still has her sanity. She's really not an amity.  She's the perfect personShe's the one everyone expects to be. But is it not herOr is it just not me.  I have some conflictions Due to over predictionsThe fog has settledAnd clouded my dreams Is she her or is she me. I have lost who I really want to be.  I can't see. I am blind. Oh I'm losing my mind.  I fear the knowledge. Shoved inside of meFor my mind has glazed over. Its dead can't you see. This is what you have done to me! I'm going insane. I'm losing it. The last line Will be the end of my wit.  For I am done I quit. I've dealt with enough shit.  I'm full yet emptyLike humpty on the wallBut none can fix my shattered skull.  I wanted lifeBut yours caused the strife. So I'll take deathWith this, my last breath.


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