She's Patient

She rewards us with a sunny beach day,

We repay her by hunting her offspring. 

Sooner or later her love will decay, 

She'll reject our pitiful offerings. 

We call her our mother she gave us birth, 

Like a baby suckling we sucked her dry. 

Robbed of her beauty, her soul, and her worth,

Rainbows still shine because of her cry. 

She yearns for comfort  her tears fall heavy, 

For the greed of man will result in ruin. 

Dolt are we, consequences are deadly.

Murderers are we, even she is more human. 

Mother Earth is weary, she's on the edge. 

Treat her kindly or she will take revenge. 

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Our world
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My inspiration for writing this poem is to demonstrate how Mother Nature is good to us but is on the edge. If we keep treating our environment the way we do, then sooner or later we will have no place to call home. 

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