She's Okay

She's always surounded by people,

but she's always lonely.

She never runs out of energy,

but she's always tired.

She's always trying her best,

but sometimes her best isn't enough.

But she's okay. Trust me.

I promise you, she's okay.


I promise you her life isn't falling apart,

I promise you she's moving on to much

bigger and better things.


The people don't surround her anymore,

She's still lonely. But that's okay.

Her eyes don't light up with determination anymore,

She's still tired. But that's okay.


She gave up on pleasing others, and in the process-


she gave up on making herself feel like she was worth something more

than a ride home from a party that got a little too out of hand.

From a lover's house because it was 3 O' clock in the morning

and your parents would kill you if you weren't home soon.


Something more than a second choice friend who only filled the slot

when someone else couldn't step up to the plate.


Something more than an emotional punching bag you threw a thousand hits against

and then left me to pick up the pieces you left behind.


She's broken now, but thats okay.


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Our world
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