"She's No Good"


She sat alone on a sidewalk almost as dirty as her, in a city almost as dangerous to watch the boys skate

With their profanities and perverted jokes, she was hooked

With her long hair covering her ice blue eyes she looked, and watched and stared

She did not dare say a word, she was scared she would be lured into a world where she did not belong

It was all a fantasy, kissing the sweaty guy in the cut offs

Feeling the lean dark boy with dread locks

One day they looked at her and smirked with naughty intentions

She was looking for attention, not redemption, so she smiled back, giving in to exception

They asked her what she was doing there, sitting on the curb

While they puffed out smoke holding bags of green herb and passed her a joint

Insisting that the feeling she would get would not disappoint

So she held the blunt up to her mouth and inhaled the smoke and as it went south so did her problems

And when ever she had any she knew how to solve them and she had a lot of em

So everyday she began her journey down to the city

Where the boys would pass her joints and make her feel pretty

And she would kiss the gritty welcoming committee that soon became family

She thought she might be going crazy and might be falling in love

With the lanky guy who hangs with the felons and thugs

But can still knows how to give her long tight hugs

And grow up with out a father but still rise above

And kiss her in public and not give a fuck

Because he knows finding a girl like her isn’t just good luck, its fate

But a girl like her is hard to contain she is too wild and free and independent to constrain

She told him this is but he would whisper in her ear that it would all be all right

That he wouldn’t give her up with out putting up a fight

And he did he fought with all his might

But you cannot trap a bird trying to take flight

So in the end he lost and she was out of site flying in the sky into the night 

She flew alone in the ocean of darkness almost as empty as her

In a world almost as mysterious



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