She's Gone

It's been so long since I've seen her. 

That little girl I used to know so long ago. 

When she was little she sat for hours and stared off into space. 

Hoping for a better life, wishing for things to change.

She was lonely and searching for somewhere she could belong. 

Time went on and she grew older. 

Each day her father broke her down with discouraging words. 

She had no self-worth or sense of self. 

Each day that passed took her further and further...

Until one day she snapped. 

Sitting at the dinner table, she finally spoke up. 

She let her father know he wasn't the one who decides her future, he won't hold her back.

She left and never looked back. 

Every day since then has been different, better. 

She is finally free and making her mark on the world, finding her place. 

I will never see that girl again, I can't let her back in. 

This poem is about: 
My family



It's about the power and will to achieve.... the ability to succeed despite what they tell you. 

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