She's 16 with big dreams Feeling

She's 16 with big dreams
Feeling like she on top of the world
Met a guy who makes her heart sing
He asks her if she's ready for the next step
Past hugging, kissing and touching he ready for The next step she agrees
Feelings increase
as she lays under the sheets
Creating soul ties
Now her soul cries
Cause she missed her period
And he just dismissed her
He too young to be a father
she's to young
To be a mother
But she ain't get the chance like him
to dip this baby growing inside her
Nothing left to do but tell mama
Hope daddy still love her
She wish she could wake up
And find she was only dreaming and that
She was never infiltrated with that nigga semin
Thinking bout abortion
But its what her heart wanted
But what she didn't expect was to be the next statistic
16 year old single mother raising a child with out its father
Fast forward years later she struggling to make it
Juggling work, School, and parenting thinking about giving up her child for adoption
Cause her daddy didn't want her and he walked away Scott free don't even pay child support,His mama got a grandchild that she don't even know about moral of the story don't get caught up
In emotions cause niggas are emotionless
And one moment of pleasure can result into a lifetime of pain.

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