Sheltered Life

Happy life?

You call living in a shelter a happy life?

Three kids and one parent, a mother.

Where's the father?

Being put out on the street, you don't know what it feels like.

A single mother trying to raise three growing teenagers on her own.

Where are you?

Somewhere around helping others out while your family is in a shelter.

Where's the family when you need them?

Being selfish as always.

No help from a grandmother nor aunt.

Does anybody care about us?

No, riding around in Mercedes; they got what they want.

When it comes to her children, she would been backwards.

Even with us trying to help her she didn't want it.

Struggling with three teenagers, whom demands very much, is harsh.

Why harsh?

Because they have needs an wants.

It's economics, supply and demands.

The needs outweigh the wants.

Where's the money?

There is no money.

There is no family.

Nobody wants to help them.

But she will find a way to get herself and her three teenagers out that shelter.

It's called a sheltered life. 

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