The ground was cold beneathe my feet. The wind solemnly danced across my face I was not home. Where was this place. The soil ran deep between my toes.I could smell the dampness rushing through my nose. My eye lids drew heavy. And breath was oppressive. My lungs felt inflame,my heart beat aggressive. I could not speak. Left alone silencened by whispers my thoughts. I would keep. I wanted to drown. I wanted feel the escape. I was engulfed with doubts, consuming my brain. I needed the oxygen. I needed the surface. It was settling in. My urge to withdraw. The weight was heavy falling weak within my arms. One by one I closed my eyes releasing a regretted sigh of relief. I was not alone. Fear has come. Fear was with me. Holding me captive. Proclaiming it's rule. How could you be so sublime? How could you abandon the thought? You were not alone. You were weak and I was strong! I gave you your dream. Yet, you grace me with desire. I needed your shelter. I called you my home. Burning inside me. Inflamed in fire. Rushing through my veins. I screamed for you. Yet,you dared to listen. My fingers began to twist and shutter. My legs fell limp. You've finally won! What you've wanted was now done. I opened my eyes. And waited for you. To my surprise, I faced me. Longing and frail. The memories of my home. The laughter that bantered. The cries of hope. What burned in me inflamed as coals. I surrendered it all. I gave you my soul. I felt the water. I began to drown... I closed my eyes and heard no sound. I realized all that is lost now was found. 



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Really good


Amazing! I could feel everything you described. It all felt so real, great job:)

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