The Shell


Beauty fades;

it's inevitable.

Our bodies are our shells

like eggs they crack, they decay.

But the inside is what nourishes us, 

mixes together with other human ingredients

to create something more delightful. 

Fire is beautiful:

but limited to only the sense of sight,

one would touch the fluorescence and be burned. 

Flames are two dimensional;

one has to feel.

Likewise who would look at a spider’s handy work

and think it a lovely delicacy, worth great sums, 

but yet would fantasize

over garments of silk, so cool and smooth

to the touch when strands are woven together. 

Optical illusion, my friend, is a phrase well coined.

Why do you concentrate so on something

that could only ever appeal to one sense,

something so petty

when thinking of higher aims,

as appearance!

Don't you know

it know it means disappearance

of one’s enigmatic self,

their one and only soul?

Why then, are people so one dimensional? 


Well, when we tossed aside their inside 

They were left but no choice.



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