sheep wolves and pigs


barely ten years old
i was asked to choose
because as you grown old
you have to pick your shoes

follow in the footsteps
elect how you will live
the leaders of tomorrow
so they say to all the kids

but how was i to choose
when all in all runs loose
there is no order, only chaos
in this worthless truth

we live in a world without emotion
where the streets are filled with sheep
and the desire for consumption
that's taxing us by the heep

the sheep are ruled by wolves
those who try to keep the peace
some too noble, others tainted
wolves currupted by the pigs

to control fear and instability
is a powerful ability

success is now a popular word for hostility
and i have to choose
to be the sheep, the wolf, the pig
but an option's lost on me

i want to be truthful
help the world get through with it's humanity
ardently candor with a humble personality
to not to be overshadowed by a false sense of reality
i want to be a voice that shouts loud with possibility

a call for the sheep
ruled by wolves
controlled by pigs.

(c) Camila Amezquita


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