She is a Wonder

A butterfly's warm glow,
as she navigates through the air.
Her gentle wing beats flow,
with a grace all her own.
A butterfly's vivid hues,
will catch the eyes of any.
Her colors vary from reds to blues.
A butterfly's silent wind,
embraces the stars in the night.
Her fragilness will have man wish,
he had never sinned.
A butterfly's lonely call,
will not reach the ears of evil.
Her beauty will entice us all.
A butterfly's mighty power,
will bring about her destruction.
Her presence over you will tower.
A butterfly's freedom slipped,
though her beauty still remains.
As her delicate wings are clipped.
A butterfly's magic has blown away,
yet she remains pure at heart.
Her eyes see a world gone astray.

As a butterfly's life is drained,
an empty shell is all that remained.
With her last thoughts she wondered.
"What has the world gained?"


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