She Who Moves Mountains

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 20:45 -- StasiaG

She laughs because while you see bullets

She sees rain

persistance is Her umbrella 

the whispers of pain and doubt

urge Her



The terrain mocks Her ankles

She groans as She slips

and slides and

you tell Her, "those shoes don't work

for such a journey"

in response, She pushes Her hair behind

Her ear and continues to slip and slide



Stumbling, Her hands and knees

make enemies with 

the damp,  jagged rock

as She falls



Mourning streams

wet Her cheeks

and pearl under Her chin

they mark Her path

as She continues



Something large and dark

obstructs Her path. 

She pauses

Her breath ragged.

fear, sorrow, shame

cloud Her chest

and its rise and fall



the mountain

stands tall and strong 

 while She cowers weakly.

a wail escapes

from Her lips and the 

pearls persist,

making Her cheeks 



She howls;

"I am not done!"




thunder resounds

as a great light illuminates

the plain

and the mountain ceases.

so she continues



To you, She is alone.

the landscape is empty and

Her steps, echo weakly 

in the cool, crisp dark

and yet, the wind kisses Her cheeks

while the stars of Her night

wink and beckon her



She sees a form

whose darkness disrupts

the horizon

and the tears of a child

call her 



Memories are foggy

and distant

She smiles because while you see struggle and baggage

She sees potential and love.

cradling the child She

stands and continues 



Thank you.

to the second mother  who

overcame many trials

who cried many tears

who moved many mountains

and when my first 'forever' left 

 discovered me

struggling to overcome

and crying my many tears.

picking me up You


and taught me to walk,

move my mountains 

and continue 





This poem is about: 
My family


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