She was like shiny, flawless

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 01:33 -- vanmelp

She was like shiny, flawless silver. 
Her eyes glistened and her smile
was the most precious thing in the entire world.

But her beauty was a curse.
It was annihilating.
You would not see it coming
until you were already crashing to the ground in pain.

She was too beautiful, 
Too perfect.
You wouldn’t have any good sense 

To save yourself. 

And why would you want to?
If you’re going to be broken,
Wouldn’t you rather it be by her hand?

Your heart will be shattered,
Time and time again.
But you won’t know,
Nor will you even care one bit.

It’s almost poetic, isn’t it?
A beautiful creature that is
The very definition of destruction itself,
Breaking down the ones who love her most.

And that’s what love really is, isn't it? 

It’s beautiful,
It’s flawless,
It’s precious.

But it will destroy you,
Heart and soul.
And you will let it happen,
With a smile on your face.


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