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You turned my life into a garden full of roses
But you went on dying slowly
I pretended to be holy
Today I regret and have to say sorry
You risked your life just to give me glory
Lord I am grateful for the previous gift
You sacrificed your energy for my lift
Then made my ugly name appear on the list
Last but not the least
You cherished me like a holy priest
Your beauty was beyond a beast
I longed for our wedding feast
Unfortunately I became unfit
For my hatred I promised to defeat
But now I am in the deepest pit
Crying like a son of a witch
Wondering why I can't make a speech
Your breath to me was like a breeze from the beach
You turned my heart beat on as if you had a switch.
You're my everything
Despite you being thin
I loved you for something
Your character became my lecture
Unfortunately I didn't grasp nature
With the fake omen I didn't know the future
The sweet dreams we shared has become my torture
I thought I was a hunter of love but now am absolutely a poacher

If only you knew what I feel,
If only you knew how true it is,
If only you knew how long I've had it,
If only you knew how I feel when you say we can't be.
Great people
Purpose driven
I have really come to find out life without a friend is practically impossible
I need to respire before my time expire
I don't need to admire but to acquire
You need to retire before you require
I sung in a choir but didn't understand my attire
I never thought I would tire but today I fire
I will call on messiah in order to have what I require
Your wish was my command
Your eyes were bright like a diamond in the sand
I was in a ditch of sorrow but you stretched your hand
You taught me how to laugh
And you are the reason why I am no longer tough
I was rude and rough
But you made my life a different stuff
I lost all the hate
Because of your fate
The mentioning of your name was like spraying a perfume
You are a true epitome of an actress in a movie of the reckless.
This is the poem written and directed by Alick Mushekwa as known as Erics the only writer who writes right information on long titles.
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