She steps into the water,

She steps into the water,
Spirals of foam pulling at her ankles.

The ocean billows out before her
Like a pair of sails in the wind.

A pelican rests in the water
Out beyond the waves.

She moves forwards--
If it might be approached.

Great waves barrel against her chest,
But she plunges onward.

Ten feet away, the pelican rises,
Spreading its vast arms, embracing the sky.

With disappointment she observes,
Though now beholds a new mystery:

The endless blue-gray expanse,
Color unique to this water alone.

This vast wonder captures her attention,
Holding it for ransom at a price she cannot pay.

Marveling, mystified, momentarily petrified,
She swims on to discovery.

A deep cry starts in her bones,
It yells, pleads, urges, warns, moans

Turn back now! Don’t swim another stroke!
Just glance at the shoreline. See how thin it grows!

Soon it will be naught but a scratch on the horizon.
And nothing will guide you to it.

But the voice of the sea is stronger,
The sunlight sprinkles on it a myriad of stars.

She desires only one horizon,
The liquid one ahead;

Unattainable. Fleeting
Ever expanding.

Suddenly the ocean swells,
Arching its grand watery back,

Her rhythm is wrecked,
Her swimming startled.

Ten toes scrape for the sand,
Searching, kicking, floundering.

The water hides the ground,
Continually prohibiting the encounter.

Turning around, she sees nothing.
Nothing but the continuous blue,

Nothing but the sun-scattered stars,
Winking at her wistfully.

Choosing a direction, she swims,
Into eternity she swims,

Never reaching her destination,
Never caressing the warmth of dry land again.


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