She Said: "I'd prefer a broken neck..."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:18 -- ToneyR

She said “I’d prefer a broken neck...”

I paused in the middle of a session, I fail to remember

I asked “why?” my voice fail to a quiver

She said “I’m tired of being heartbroken

I’m tired of niggas playing with me like baby toys”

I cut her off in a rage

Not at her comment, but as the reaction

Boys treat women like games

Play them, and turn them off when it gets boring

Boys treat pregnancy like an STD

When it comes back positive, it’s a negative

Boys treat the streets like their home

Lay in it, and prance around like something is safe
Trying to live the hood life when there is no life in the hood for too long

Boys act as if love is a sickness

But we all know it’s a weakness

She started to cry more

You’re not understanding the words I say to you

See, I’ve been heartbroken

And stripped of my womanhood

Yelled at like a dog

Yanked on like a chain

Yielding to the pressures of hurt

And all I have to ask is why?

Why shall I endure this hurt and abuse?

Why do I have a baby, and the father is just who?

Why must a male act of my father and leave me with nothing but vague memories?

Why do we have scars?

Why do we ache?

Why do we seem to have to hold the pressure of an earthquake?

I reply with the best answers I can think of

Women are stronger than you can ever imagine

You’re a single mother, the second most beautiful thing I can ever imagine

Even the beauty of birth leaves a scar

The beauty of birth even makes you ache

Just think of a mother

Struggling, to do all things possible

Eating meals out of her last paycheck

Staying up at night



Praying to god

Not eating for weeks at a time

Just so you can have a bite to eat

That’s what she endures

To show her strength

That’s what she endures

To see her kids grow

I know you prefer a broken neck, over another broken heart

I know you prefer a broken neck, over another broken heart

But always remember:

those who are last now will be first

Even the beauty of birth leaves it’s own scars

And you will always find love, right where you are



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