She is not me

Sun, 12/27/2015 - 00:40 -- amylam

Do you recall when you confessed your love?

How you regretted of letting her go?

I do, for my heart shattered. No white dove

Visited me. My face turned white as snow.


I don’t blame you. I mean, she’s prettier.

Her eyes are rich in color unlike mine.

But you can’t take back your own words before.

How we admitted our fears until nine.


How we laughed, joked, and cried. It was bright then.

But I got scared, made a lock, and threw away

The key to my heart. I look back again

And regret how I let you go astray.


My heart beats vainly as you ran by free

Hoping that you’ll see that she is not me.



Heartfelt, love makes everyone a poet.

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