She is Me

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 18:27 -- jsutor1

Filters and fakenes is a popular theme,

Within the news, and the media, and favorite magazines.

A girl with boring brown hair,

With simple green eyes,

And pale skin and blemishes,

Allow Valencia and XX Pro to make their debut

to post photos

hoping to see

herself as




as the girl in the photo

She pushes and pushes to see her true self,

the girl behind he filters is not really herself.

Through the faking and posed candis, a girl searches to be accepted,

But it never goes that way.

Behind the filters is a complete different story,

because she is not perfect.

She smiles and laughs at Spongebob,

And enjoys a good latte, but only skim milk please.

Self-esteem is not present,

Mirrors are avoided,

The gym is her Friday crawl

Her friends see her as healthy, but she sees the flaws,

The girl behind a selfie is not what people expect.

She is insecure and scared,

She is me,

And I

is she.



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