She loves you, you know?


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I know there are more important things to do,
then listen to a girl that's in love with you.
She thinks about you every night and day,
and calls you just to hear you say,
funny things to her on a daily baisis.
She also dreams of the lovely places,
you can both see with your own two eyes.
She thinks about you, and not other guys.
She hopes you get that in your head,
'cause when she goes to sleep, she can't get out of bed;
She is lost in her own dream.
She says she loves you, and that's how it seems.
She said that dreams really do come true,
and she also said that her dream was with you.
She hopes you love her back today,
and never, ever, go away.
She says she's stupid for loving someone so quickly,
but anything for you, she'll let the clock keep ticking.


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