But She Loves Him Though

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It all starts with love
Or should one call it lust
The man brings flowers and everything above, LOVE
He makes the relationship feel as if it is filled with TRUST
The woman is in love, dangerously in LOVE
Something is not right though; her face is bruised
She thinks “How can someone love someone like him?”
Her mind is confused but SHE loves him though.
She stays with him because he has her heart
He treats her like dirt; she’s falling apart
Her love for him is TOO deep; she can’t dare let go
How can one love someone who feels like a foe?
But SHE loves him though.
He continues to hit, beat, then kiss her goodnight
But there’s never a good night when it ends with a fight
She tries to act smart and pack up and leave
He can’t have that loss; it’s too much to grieve
If he can’t have her, no one can
She continues because she’s tired of being less than
So he decides to take matters into his own hands
Like he said, “If I can’t have you, no one can”
He continues to bring her flowers
But her love cannot grow
The love turned to lust
She can no longer trust
She will never have a beau
For so long she’s just gone with the flow
She’s no longer treated like a slave
Nor will she ever be brave
Because she’s dead lying in her grave
BUT she LOVED him though.



I like to think deeper when it comes to poetry, and I like to put myself in others' shoes to see my outcome and theirs on things. This particular poem was entered into a contest about Violence in Dating Relationships. Hope you enjoy!


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Very deep and connecting to someone in those shoes. Loved it .

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