She cares

I slowly opened my tired eyes

I couldn't feel anything

Numbness consumed my body

I look around at my surroundings

I realize I'm under a willow

And all of a sudden, 

I feel warmth wrapping around my body

Someone was looking over me

My grandmother

I feel her presence late at night

When I'm sobbing away my sorrows

And after all my weeping, I feel a familiar comfort

And maybe I'm just finding a reason to push through

And so what, it makes me feel better

That my grandmother would care for me

I rarely got to spend time with her

Yet I feel so close to her right now

Under the glowing moon, I know she looks down on me

I don't know if she looks in pity or in joy

But she's looking after me

And that's all that matters to me

That someone cares 

Even if that someone,

Isn't in this world anymore

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