She Is Astronomically Awesome

She is awesome. She reminds of the sun rising

I want to explore her crevasses and visit her horizon

I want to feel the heat from her solar flares

And it"s awesome how one is blinded by her beauty if they start to stare

She paints the sky with awesome and beautiful colors

And she is close to me like newborns to mothers

Mother nature must be awesome for producing such rays

I love to see the fruits of her labor reflect off the waves

It is not awesome, however, when at night she has to go

But I am not walking blind I am guided by the moon's awesome glow

Departing me, yes I know that it hurts

But after the sunset you come back down to earth

I have thank you baby for keeping me warm

It's awesome how when the sky looks gray, you weather the storm

I claim you as mine, when you are shining you know I'm proud

A ray of hope shines over me as you peak through the clouds

You have me in awe when i see you and all of your beauty

And as long you are astronomically awesome, you will never lose me

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