She and Me

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 14:16 -- M'paula

Do you see me? That cheerleader under the Friday night lights cheering her heart out?

The one that always seems like she has a lot to talk about

Do you see me? The girl that will dance even if no one is there

The one that’s always in the mirror fixing makeup, clothes, and hair

Yeah you see me, but do you see her

The one that wants to be invisible, the one that’s scared of being hurt

That humorous person that you see, merely a defense mechanism

Yeah the car looks nice from the outside but you haven’t seen the engine

If you really knew her, you’d know that She’s not perfect

I only have one life to live but She just hopes that all of this pain is worth it

You didn’t see in her room, locked in and crying

You seen me with my head held high like the sun was always shining

This facade that I have going sometimes worries She

But as i tell her thoughts to pipe down I realize the She is really me

But how can She be I? When only my reflection is in the mirror

guess I was standing too close to the camera to see the bigger picture

Maybe i just got caught up in me in eyes of others

But what i should've been concentrated on was who was She in the eyes of the beholder

She is not me, There is no possible way

She needs to move over a little She is standing in my way

She’s different, She’s emotional, She doesn’t quite fit in

She’s goofy, love’s too easily, there’s no way She’s my twin

MOVE OVER girl I screamed

but her mouth was moving too, saying the same words it seemed

I turned my back and tried to ignore her

but when i finally glanced back I seen her too looking over her shoulder

It’s me, it’s I, there is no room for She here

She get’s discouraged, She’s timid, She’s in the way of my mirror

But she is my mirror, my double, my copy

She is what should actually be seen, the soul inside the body

but I’m scared to show off She

everyone’s not used to her, they’re only used to me

What if she can’t pull it off, what if She can’t make any friends

I just couldn’t bare it, She being alone and not fitting in

I don’t want  to be her, She’s so easy to be hurt

She’s so easy to be broken, She’d rather be quiet than outspoken

I always have to be perfect, at least to people’s eyes it seems

But She can just chill and lay back, maybe there is benefits to being She

oh how I wish sometimes that I could be the same

but can’t I? After all I is She, same person, different name.



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