She Ain't Me

Its been 18 yrs

Riding with you

Rollercoaster rides and singing the Blue's

I gave U every girl you needed

I became any girl you wanted

After all those years Wasted!!

Now U wanna be with me?


U should be on your knees Begging Me

Like Cardi B says " B Careful with Me"

I got sick of Bullies like U

I'm Happy doing What I do, Who ever I want to do!!

U choose Her over a real Women

She will never be like Me

Lust got you, She was Just a piece 

Screwed by other Dogs like you!

She left U broken 

She realized U weren't worth it

She was only 18

I;m glad She did to U what U did to me

Payback is a Bitch!! 

Tell me Now, Who is Sorry!!

You, Her or Me!!

Stop!!! Red light for me!! Getting off your Fu**en Roller- coaster ride!

Gonna Be Happy Taking care ME and my Baby 



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