As often as you've heard her story it never gets old

because she is not a broken record

but she has broken records for every tear she fights

when she has to accept torment in the form of dreams at night

She is unique, not because of her beauty or physique 

but because she is not made of flesh and blood 

her skin is like tempered glass that can be chipped at but it won't fail 

if somehow you do break through, her bones are made of steel

because she has to be strong enough to withstand the world when it decides to rest on her shoulders

Her heart is made of air because you cannot price air like gold that can just as easily be sold

no her heart is air because like air it belongs to not one person but everyone and no one suffers from it except her,

but she breathes, she'll be okay, she always is

she's the only person who can walk through hell and not be consumed by flames

and walk down a river bank and not be afraid of flooding rains 

because when you've been burned as many times as her you become fireproof 

and when you've had to cry those rivers like her that she's walked alongside 

you learn to carry a raft

because maybe the forecast doesn't call for rain

but it happens anyway 

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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