This is She

Originated from a great state

that of longhorns

And very proud

But still not sure where she comes from


A military brat

have been over the seas

Carrying much luggage

have seen Germany's Black Forest trees


Reinvented, recreated

in every single place

changing for so many people

left her alone in each space


Whats inside

an artist, a creative mind

looking at the world around her

what else is there to design


Ready to go on

If to become something more, she'd kiss a toad

Yes, a lover of nature and all beautiful things

brought to tears seeing a deer on the side of the road


Religious she is

Church most Sunday mornings

A happy spirit

Yet somewhat still in mourning


Quite the unique individual

Not hooked on every trend

She is a lover of life

Just truly wants it

to finally begin.

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A poem that truly shows who I am and where I've come from :)

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