Shattering Mirrors


Where did we go wrong

I thought we had so much left 

But all the words unspoken

Left us broken...

So I find myself 

Once more

Searching for my soul...


And now I am the hole

that lingers in your heart

the memory that always

haunts you..

I am the ghost of your past

When you reach for the shadows,

I am the phantom

you find.


After the nightmare

I am the voice in your head 

The velvet of night 

that makes you chase

Imaginary footsteps...

I am your past,

 I am your future

I am the phantom

of your broken dreams.

As you gaze into the shattered remains

of mirrors,

you will find me,

reaching for shadows of ghosts that never were..

A million shards of glass and tears

Each one

A scar that will never fade..



This moved me...

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